Wednesday, 2 June 2010


During the last term i have been creating a book based on the theme of Forward/Rewind.
My project was based around Salvation Army brass bands and more specifically around my family's history within them.
When I started the project my knowledge of our family history was somewhat limited, but during the project I have developed a greater understanding of the subject, and become increasingly proud as the subject has gone on.
The final outcome is a 56 page perfect bound book, with a screen printed cover. Accompanying the book is a set of three posters which display through the means of a family tree, all the members of my family who have been members of the Salvation Army throughout the years.


  1. aaah this is lovely Ben. What a fab project. Your mum told me she was the only person that ever looked good in a bonnet :))

  2. Sorry to correct you Katherine, but I think I said I was the only person never to look good in a bonnet!

    Beautiful work FOMW xxx

  3. You have such a brilliant imagination Ben, and I'm sure that both sets of grandparents will be feeling especially proud of you after this piece of work. I have to disagree with you though Linda; in my opinion you always looked fabulous in your bonnet ;-)

  4. Ben, your work is beautiful and I am sure your parents are very proud of you. It is such an uplifting thing to find out about all your family connections and you obviously enjoyed doing it. xx