Friday, 12 March 2010

144 colours

I'm not the biggest fan of the visuals in this piece but the amount of skill, dedication and patience that must have gone into making it is incredible.

Robert Williams announces the release of a print long rumored to be a myth. “A nearly impossible feat of modern printmaking; 144 Colors, Hand-Pulled, Hand-Separated Serigraph Edition. An incredibly exact reproduction for one of the greatest artists of our time. This edition began production in 1992 and took 2 full years to complete. The prints were created entirely by using traditional techniques of hand-separating the colors and hand-pulling the paper, one color, one sheet at a time. 25,000 Pulls and every one of them is in absolute perfect registration!!! A true marvel of modern printmaking for one of the world’s greatest artists ever!!!” Available at Jetset Graffitibeginning at noon on Friday, March 12. Limited to 125 prints.

Watch this video for the story behind “The WaterHead That Was Raised in a Box”:

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